What do our fees include?

  • Organising the ordinary General Meeting

    • Draft the agenda
    • Send invitations by email
    • Provide a hall with a projector screen
    • Act as Secretary of the Meeting
    • Draft the Minutes
    • Adding the Minutes to the Minute Book
    • Send a copy of the Minutes to each co-owner by email
    • Implement the decisions taken at the General Meeting which are part of usual services
  • Administrative management

    • Contract management, including repairs and maintenance
    • Set up of the audit of various insurances and, where appropriate, signing of new insurance contracts
    • Conserve management documents, records of subsequent work and archives
    • Manage energy supply contracts
    • Remit files for management and assets to a subsequent property manager
  • Financial management and accounting

    • Manage the Association’s funds: opening or taking over accounts (separate accounts for operations and the reserve); managing payments, etc.
    • Set up of the Association’s accounting, in accordance with applicable laws
    • Inform co-owners of account balances on an annual basis
    • Make initial requests for funds and provisions
    • Retrieve and file open invoices
    • Pay bills
    • Prepare the annual budget
    • Present the annual accounting information to the auditor
    • Offer the accounting department’s support to the auditor
    • Provide breakdown of owner/tenant accounts
  • Technical management

    • Analyse regular supply contracts
    • Provide online access to the database of suppliers and service providers
  • Software - online platform

    • Publish bills quarterly
    • Publish statements
    • Publish records of subsequent work
  • In case of emergency

    Easy Syndic offers the ASSOCIATION a 24-hour emergency service to respond exclusively to urgent and serious issues.

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