Our rates


3 units49,00 (16,33/owner**)
4 units52,90 (13,22/owner**)
5 units55,25 (11,05/owner**)
6 units57,45 (9,57/owner**)
7 units58,80 (8,40/owner**)
8 units59,90 (7,48/owner**)

* Price per month for the condominium. Not including fees for Online Access, elevator and water charges

** Average price per unit, per month. The exact price will be determined according to the distribution defined in the basic act. Not including fees for Online Access and water charges.

Our fees in details

Our fees are determined by building, thus for the entire condominium, and then divided by unit, according to the distribution defined in the basic act (generally determined by the number of thousandth fractions per unit).

Fees for Online Access and the division of water charges are included in the package.


Setup costs for establishing a condominium*

3 units1.035,00 (345,00 €/owner)
4 units1.085,00 (271,25/owner)
5 units1.135,00 (227,00/owner)
6 units1.185,00 (197,50/owner)
7 units1.235,00 (176,43/owner)
8 units1.285,00 (160,63/owner)

* Easy Syndic will perform basic duties for the establishment of the condominium. These fees are charged only once et divided amongst the co-owners.

* For your convenience, Easy Syndic offers the option of paying the establishment fees quarterly

Why setup costs?

When a property management company takes over or begins management of a condominium complex, a number of tasks must be performed, such as:

  • Drafting of contracts
  • Creating data sheets
  • Conducting audits
  • Opening/transferring of bank accounts and business numbers
  • Reassignment of meters
  • Assessment of the basic act
  • Registering the condominium in our system
  • Configuring the Online Access accounts
  • Insurance assessment
  • Organizing the initial General Meeting
  • Requests for funds and supplies


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