5 good reasons to choose Easy Syndic for your condominium

  • Rates geared toward smaller buildings
  • Service dedicated exclusively to condominiums
  • A 100% professional team at your service
  • Fees that are easy to understand and transparent
  • 24-hour online access for the management of your condominium


Small-scale condominiums, with a maximum of 19 units, demand a different kind of management and do not have the same problems as large-scale rental buildings.

Easy Syndic was born of the desire of leaders of traditional property management companies to meet the expectations of small-scale condominium property owners.

With rates that are all-inclusive or customized, you only pay for services performed. Each of our rates is adapted to the management of buildings of up to 19 units. Gone are the days of management fees that represent more than 50% of the costs!

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True professionals at your service

Specialized in the management of small condominiums, Easy Syndic is a professional management company subject to the same rules and laws of other building management companies. See our Frequently Asked Questions .

A human-size approach

Your condominium is small-scale, so it needs personalized services and provisions adapted to your reality, completely different from those of large-scale condominiums with dozens – or even hundreds – of units. Our teams is available to give you a warm welcome and offer you personalized answers. See the details of our offer.

Modern and powerful tools

Easy Syndic has a young and dynamic team, composed of professionals who are passionate about their careers, always available and completely at your disposal. With Easy Syndic, you also benefit from the most recent technology so that you may consult all information related to your condominium at any time, thanks to our online software.

Controlled costs adapted to your building

Traditional management companies apply fees that don’t take into account the specific features of smaller condominiums. With Easy Syndic, you opt for transparency and you are sure to pay only for fees that are reasonable, clear and adapted to the size of your building. See our fees.


  • Who is the syndic of your condominium?

    The syndic of a co-ownership is a natural or legal person whose task is to ensure the management and representation of the co-ownership.

  • What is the role of the syndic of condominium ?

    The role of the property manager is to manage the day-to-day running of the condominium and to execute the decisions taken by the General Assembly. The syndic also represents the association of co-owners in the common affairs management.

  • Is it mandatory to have a syndic of condominium?

    It is mandatory to appoint a syndic of co-ownership. The syndic can be professional (professional syndic like Easy Syndic) or voluntary (one of the co-owners).

  • How to appoint a syndic of condominium?

    The syndic is appointed at a General Assembly. The majority of co-owners must agree on the syndic to be appointed.

  • Where can I find the most suitable suppliers/providers in my condominium area?

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