Residence Fremineur

Located in 1170 Watermael Boitsfort, Fremineur Street. Building 3 units.

Residence Nord

Located in Brussels, Nord Street. Building 3 units.

Residence La Camargue

Located in Uccle, Champs du Vert Chasseur. Building 3 units.

Residence Chaltin

Located in Brussels, Colonel Chaltin Street. Building 8 units.

Residence Massenet

Located in 1190 Forest, Avenue Massenet. Building 4 units.

Residence Van Elewijkstraat

Located Van Elewijkstraat. Building 7 commercial units.

Residence Mandelieu

Located in 1200 Woluwe-St-Lambert, Dalechamps Avenue. Building 6 units.

Residence Berthelot

Located in 1190 Forest, rue Berthelot. Building 5 units.

Residence Charleroi

Located in Ressaix (Binche), Charleroi Road. Building 6 units.

Residence Vivaldi

Located in 1180 Uccle, Montana Avenue. Building 5 units.

Residence Boondael

Located in 1050 Ixelles, Chaussée de Boondael. Building 8 units.

Residence Pont du Christ

Located in Wavre, Pont du Christ Street. Building 5 units.

Residence Louise

Located in 1000 Brussels, Louise Avenue. Building 3 units.

Residence Paul Dejaer

Located in 1060 Saint-Gilles, Paul Dejaer Street. Building 5 units.

Residence Primeveres

Located in Lasne, Bachée Street. Building 7 units.

Residence Au Chession

Located in Embourg (Liège), au Chession. Building 7 units.

Residence Augustin Delporte

Located in 1050 Ixelles, Augustin Delporte Street. Building 4 units.

Residence Acacias

Located in Arlon, Eifel Street. Building 5 units.

Residence Grand Place

Located in Braine Le compte, Grand Place. Building 5 units.

Residence Albert

Located in 1060 Saint-Gilles, Albert Avenue. Building 5 units.

Residence Concorde

Located in 1050 Ixelles, Concorde Street. Building 5 units.

Residence Houba de Strooper

Located in 1020 Laeken, Houba de Strooper Avenue. Building 7 units.

Residence Waterloo

Located in 1080 Uccle, Chaussée de Waterloo. Building 4 units.

Residence Haute

Located in Wavre, Haute Street. Building 7 units.

Residence Louise 340

Located in 1050 Ixelles, Louise Avenue 340. Building 4 units.

Residence Arthur Diderich

Located in Saint-Gilles, Arthur Diderich Street. Building 5 units.

Resdience Chemin des Bois

Located in Fleurus, Chemin des Bois. Building 6 units.

Residence Moerman

Located in 1070 Anderlecht, P. Moerman Street. Building 6 units.

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