What are the condominium fees ?

The creation fee (basic fee) includes a series of tasks Easy Syndic will fulfill for the launch of the condominium. This amount is payable one time only and is divided amongst the co-owners.

This fee includes, in particular:

  • Insurance audit
  • Opening/transfer of bank accounts and the business number
  • Transfer of meters
  • Creating accounts and passwords for the Online Access module
    • Creating an account for the Association on the Software
    • Publishing of the basic act
    • Publishing of the condominium rules and regulations
    • Publishing of the Association’s contracts
    • Online posting of the database for suppliers and service providers
  • Holding an initial General Meeting, which includes
    • Analysis of existing suppliers’ contracts
    • Annual budget
    • Projects
    • Reserve fund
    • Various items
  • Launch the initial call for funds and provisions
  • Posting of the extract from the basic act that names or nominates the Property Manager
  • Supply and mount the company’s brochure
  • Take steps to obtain a business number, if need be
  • Review and analysis of the basic act
  • Update the condominium’s rules/regulations and submit them to the
  • Association’s office
  • Take over contracts, including those for care and maintenance
  • Create an information sheet in order to enter the co-owners’ contact information in the Software
  • Create and update a list of co-owners and share the information in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code
  • Transfer the contracts of energy suppliers
  • Reopening of the accounts


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